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We generate meaning to the data in real time; We transform them into substantive information; We give an operational sense to the location of things to optimize daily activities that generate value and strengthen operational efficiency strategies.

Solutions for the industry

Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT - ATISoft

Analyzes, understands and predicts the operational behavior, give extensive use to the operational data to improve the processes, activities and the way in which decisions are taken.

Location of Things - LoT - ATISoft

Location of things using RFID technology, GPS and UWB to know where they are equipment, tools, personnel, etc. Complete RTLS solutions for indoor/Outdoor Location.

Desarrollo de Software - ATISoft

It implements applications and software products that allow you to optimize work processes, activities, reports and create dynamic dashboards that support decision-making.

Servicios Técnicos Especializados - ATISoft
  • • ArcGIS®.
  • • PI System®.
  • • Azure BI/IoT/Analytics.

The technological capacity of the Location of things, Internet of things, Workflows and Business Intelligence integrated and adapted to your needs.

Egauge - ATISoft - Energía Eléctrica

It uses eGauge to maximize the energy efficiency of the supply systems.

These are the industries that we serve.

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Mundo - Tecnología - IIoT - ATISoft

The only wrong move when it comes to Digital Transformation is to not make any movement at all.

Didier Bonnet, Senior VP, Capgemini

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its nascent state. But with the rapid pace of change and the disruption of business and society, now is the time to join.

Gary Coleman, Global Industry and Senior Client Advisor, Deloitte Consulting

Executives are waking up to realize that they can do much better, save money, make better decisions if they optimize and start thinking geographically and have a location strategy.

Jack Dangermond, President, Esri, Inc.

Quick access to process information fundamentally transforms the way companies operate, improving their productivity and asset performance.

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and CEO, OSIsoft, LLC

Imagine where your company would be if you did not get involved with the Internet. That image will be similar if your company does not get involved with the Internet of Things (IoT).


The three most important things in retail are location, location, location. The three most important things for our consumer business are technology, technology, technology.

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

Speed ​​is the new business currency.

Marc R. Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce

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